Finalists for the Future 9 Accelerating Program Announced


The nine finalists of Future 9, an accelerating program jointly run by KB Kookmin Card and ROA Invention Lab, have been announced. The first round consisted of application review, second round in-person evaluation, and third round in-depth interviews. A total of 160 companies participated, and 40, 18, and 9 times proceeded to each round respectively.

Future 9 is managed by Future Business Division of KB Kookmin Card, which is in charge of KB Kookmin Card’s Big Data Strategy Center, Strategic Planning Department, and Digital Business Division. Through its Open Innovation Program, it aims for direct commercialization of the selected companies. Unlike typical traditional acceleration programs where the program is led by the managing agency, Future 9 provides ROA Invention Lab the authority to develop the Open Innovation Program and be actively involved in the process.

This accelerating program will be held for three months from mid-August to mid-November and will further develop a business model that enables joint commercialization between KB Kookmin Card and the nine start-ups.

The joint business model will be announced on Demonstration Day at the end of November. Seed investment of up to 100 million Won will be awarded to the start-up that has attracted the most positive response from the visitors and judges. Start-ups that need additional space will be provided approval to use the KB innovation Hub and GarageBox, an incubation center run by LOA Invention Lab.


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