Introducing S-vital: A Smartphone Based Blood Pressure Monitor

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S-vital is a smartphone based cuff-less blood pressure monitor application launched by Deep Medi, a corporation led by CEO Seungjoon Yoo. The application can detect patients’ vascular conditions including blood pressure,  heartbeat and more using a smartphone camera, and refer patients to doctors accordingly.

Specifically, S-vital measures the photoplethysmogram(PPG) from the user’s thumb print. Then, in conjunction with a deep learning model trained by  10,000 user images, the application searches for indicators of chronic disease in various factors such as heartbeat, vascular elasticity and blood pressure in real time.

With a medical equipment license ahead, the application has achieved over 99% accuracy in detecting heartbeats, and boasts an error under 8mmHg when compared to a commercial hornometer.

Deep Medi has formed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Gangnam Severance Hospital, National Center for Standard Reference Data (NCSRD), Jeju Province Halla Hospital and Bitcomputer, respectively. With shared medical information, the corporation hopes to further improve accuracy when identifying chronic cardio-cerebrovascular indicators for patients.

“I want to provide patients who can’t afford to purchase medical devices with healthcare that is easily accessible to anyone with a smartphone,” CEO Seungjoon Yoo, who is also a neurosurgeon, commented. He added, “If the application saves even one life, it will be worth it.”

In addition to providing biometric measurements to patients, S-vital recommends appropriate hospitals and doctors depending on individual patients’ conditions. S-vital 2.0, set to launch some time in the second half of this 2017, will contain a hospital reservation feature as well as an AI-based diet management function.

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