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On August 23rd, Tree Base announced the release of STAGE8, an app that connects musicians and companies.

Trying to resolve the reality of the struggling artists even after the 2011 Artist Welfare Program started, STAGE8 allows musicians and businesses to collaborate by providing the platform to request and produce for music, such as BGM, Sound, and SFX, needed by companies.

Due to the limited supply, the domestic commercial music industry procures music mainly from foreign countries. However, STAGE8 allows companies to work with domestic musicians and their specific contents at a reasonable price.

A company or any type of client can post a request, and the artists signed up on STAGE8 will compete for bidding with their works. The client will then choose the best product from the artists.  As for copyright issues, STAGE8 uses the Sound Cloud Content Identification System in order to avoid copyright infringement.

A former indie musician himself, the CEO of STAGE8 commented, “We wanted to provide opportunities to hardworking musicians struggling financially and also provide quality music to businesses with limited options for commercial use.  Along with this service, we plan on developing a similar platform for the gaming industry and releasing a beta version within this year.  Tree Base will keep working hard to provide opportunities for musicians and businesses alike.”

Meanwhile, on July 5th, 2017, Tree Base was selected by Smart Venture Campus, which provides support and  programs for startups.


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Thomas Kim is a support staff member for a multinational law firm in DC. With a B.A. in political science from The George Washington University, he is interested in startup policies and has been involved in a number of cases including a research role at the department of entrepreneurship at GWU. (Though he has no formal education in technology, he considers himself a self-taught mobile apps expert through his active use of various different dating apps.)


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