Premium Image Editing App 9edit Lets You Edit Up to 27 Images with a Single Touch

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Fantagram (CEO: Kun Yong Kim) launched a premium image editing app ‘9edit.’ 9edit allows the editing of multiple images at once with pre-selected filters and editing tools.

Image editing apps today require users to edit one image at a time. With multiple photos, Instagram or Facebook users have to go back and forth between editing and uploading individual photos. Applying consistent effects on a series of photos is also a challenge for users. For apps such as Instagram where photos are presented together, the harmony in a series of photos is an important element.

9edit allows users to edit up to 27 photos with a single touch. With filters developed by specialists and a variety of tools, the app brings uninteresting photos to life. For instance, photos with poor lighting could be revived using an appropriate filter and editing tools.

There are five different elements in the toolbox: brightness, temperature, saturation, contrast, and clarity. Each element can be adjusted with fine details, allowing users to produce the most desired results.

“For young users (millennials) who tend to travel a lot and are active on social media, editing photos one at a time takes a lot of time and effort. It’s too much of a hassle,” said Gun Yong Kim, CEO of Fantagram. “9edit eliminated the pain point of editing single images. I hope users will be able to build many more beautiful memories with 9edit.”

9edit can be downloaded on the Apple App Store for iphone users and the Android version will be released in the market in the near future. The company plans to advance their services based on customer feedback and add a series of country-specific filters for global users.  

Company background: Fantagram is a software company specializing in mobile image and video processing. With employees with rich experience in app development and image processing, it develops and manages programs associated with photography, video and cameras. Fantagram’s app ‘9cam’ was ranked number one on Korea App Store after its release in July 2016 and became very popular in China and East Asia. With little to no advertising, the app secured 1,700,000 downloads from customer reviews and word-of-mouth. The company aims to offer services associated with images, including photography, editing, and storage.

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