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“Colazoo”, launched by, is a shopping service that allows Instagram users to easily find items from social media influencers’ OOTD (Outfit of the Day) pictures. With this service, users don’t have to download a separate application to find out information about certain items; they only have to “like” the influencer’s photo or video.

Despite the growing number of influencers and users who want to purchase featured products on Instagram, there has not been an accompanying system for influencers to address every user’s question. This is where comes in.

A official reasoned that the “Shoppable DM” feature (a product information recommendation system) will allow audiences of a certain influencer’s content to access information about how and where to purchase a specific product, leading to fast sales.

Colazoo is a web-based service that essentially lets users access information about a product just by pressing “like” or commenting on an influencer’s image or video.

Furthermore, hopes to improve its service with its AI “Machine MD” technology, which takes consumers’ reactions to products into consideration and analyzes Instagram influencers’ styles and followers to recommend products that suit each individual, ultimately raising purchase conversion rate.

The Korean market’s initial reaction to the service is positive. Colazoo has received an On-Off joint sales system proposal from a major department store immediately after the launch of its beta version on July 11th. A major entertainment agency has also reached out about creating an online sales agency for affiliated celebrities’ goods, and it is currently in the works.

Moreover, Colazoo has formed an alliance with a global cosmetics distribution company and gained a steady supply of beauty products. Targeting women in their early twenties, the beauty products are popular mostly among a younger crowd and are marketed as having the lowest prices.

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