Weekly Shirts, a clothing rental service startup, closes $5M seed round

weekly shirts

Weekly Shirts (CEO Tae Hyun Kim), a clothing rental service startup, closed a $5 million seed round led by K Cube Ventures along with D.Camp and The Yoonmin Foundation.

Weekly Shirts started its service in October 2016 to relieve busy male workers’ stress for outfit. It operates ‘door-to-door delivery’ system that users can get used shirts changed with new shirts by hanging the used one on the door hand. Monthly delivery fee is $49 and the service is available in Seoul and Gyeonggi-do.

Weekly Shirts CEO Tae Hyun Kim said, “We will use the invested fund to improve our operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Furthermore, we are planning to  expand our business through the partnership with ‘Myomee,’ a rental platform ran by Lotte Rental.”

Shin Ah Jung, managing director of K Cube Ventures, stated, “We value Weekly Shirts’ vision to satisfy the customer’s desire for convenience and cost efficiency. We will support Weekly Shirts’ effort to optimize its business structure and generate the stable profit.”

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