KT to Open Future AI Store, the “Genie Store”

KT Genie Shop

KT announced on August 30 its plans to remodel the Gangnam KT Avenue store into a “Genie Store” – a future smart store – furnished with modern technologies like Geniebot, a robot equipped with GiGA Genie AI, and AI Digital Signage, an augmented reality (AR) technology.

KT focused on the fact that young generation customers prefer stores that provide empirical experience and purchase goods and services proactively by utilizing their knowledge. As a result, KT opened its first store where AI robots would provide customer service to all incoming customers.

Geniebot, the AI robot that bears the image of KT’s character Kori, is equipped with an upgraded version of GiGA Genie AI launched last January, which now includes the GiGA Genie Conversation Platform with a store-conversation database.

The robot will give a hand to customers from the moment they enter, providing information regarding main services available at the store. Geniebot will greet customers entering the store as it recognizes their faces, and chat with them through the GiGA Genie Voice Recognition to offer available service options, explain about products, and call out staff as needed. Geniebot further provides an entertainment experience to the customers by taking photos with them and playing games.

The AI Digital Signage will be displayed around the store’s glasses in a transparent display form. There will be a camera installed along with the digital signage which will spot passengers passing by the store and suggest customized products and services along the pathway through a speaker. The signage will also utilize AR technology to display the interior of the store and provide various backgrounds for photo opportunities.

The modern technologies applied to the Genie Store including voice conversation, facial recognition, AR, and robots are all self-developed by the KT Service laboratory.

Starting September 11, the store will host a character exhibition and hand out character key chains, getting a facelift to an empirical, customer-friendly store. KT is also planning to develop an AI-kiosk where customers can select new phones and join services in the future.

KT Mass President Heon-mun Lim anticipates the first AI-driven store of its kind to provide customers with unprecedented experience of innovation. He further affirmed the company’s ambition to expand its use of AI-based innovation in order to firm up KT as number one in customer recognition.

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