Gyeonggi-do to Begin its Targeted Startup Program ‘G-Start’


Gyeonggi-do(Governor: Nam Kyung-pil) revealed that it will start the G-START program at the Gyeonggi Culture Creation Hub located in Pangyo. The province plans to manage the program with its accumulated management experiences and develop multiple startup assistant programs.

‘G-START’ is a 5-step customized program that takes into account the life cycle of startups. It includes the necessary elements for startup from preliminary stages to growth stages. The five stages include A: basic capacities, B: practical capacities, C: initial investments, D: funding support, and E: overseas advancement. G-START A and G-START B, which are among the first in the G-START series, are designed to help aspiring entrepreneurs  and early founders learn the competencies including marketing, funding, and commercialization strategies and help business growth.

The first ‘G-START A’ program is divided into ‘pre-founder course’ for participants with business items and ‘entrepreneurial interest course’ for college students who are interested in starting a business. The ‘Pre-Founder Course’ is a three-week capacity building program that will take place from September 14th. The program will provide training on the know-how and marketing necessary for early-stage startups. The ‘Entrepreneurial Interest Course’ lasts for two weeks and will help participants improve the overall understanding of startups. The ‘G-START A’ program will recruit 25 participants in the ‘Pre-Founder’ course and 30 participants in the ‘Establishment Interest’ program until mid-September.

The ‘G-START B’ program is an 8 week intensive training program for early stage startups. Effective entrepreneurs, accelerators, and investors in the Korean startup industry will participate as instructors to share their insights in the initial know-how in the startup business, provide one-on-one business development consulting to diagnose business items, suggest improvements and establish future business direction. In addition, participating entrepreneurs  will be able to receive add-on points when applying for a Pangyo Culture Cultural Creation Hub Space, and receive follow-up accelerator supports through a linkage program of the executing agency. The G-START B program will start recruiting its first and second teams on September 13th, operate a total of 4 riders by January next year and support 20 promising initial start-ups (5 teams per each rider). The target participants are MVP (Minimum Viable Product)-owned company based in Gyeonggi-do and aspiring entrepreneurs  living in the Gyeonggi province.


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