EightySix Launches ‘Inside Your Med (약속),’ App That Compares and Searches Drugs and Supplements


With the expansion of domestic health insurance coverage and increasing demand for dietary supplements, there is an overload of information about ‘health foods.’ Yet, consumers face a challenge in selecting the right products due to a lack of objective, reliable information.

Inside Your Med was born for that reason.

EightySix announced the launch of Inside Your Med for iOS and Android devices. Inside Your Med provides detailed information about pharmaceutical products and dietary supplements.

Working with an enormous amount of data from government institutions, Inside Your Med categorizes over 400 products based on symptoms, medical specialties, and health benefits. Moreover, users can retrieve information about a particular prescription drug from its color, text, and shape. It also provides product comparison up to 5 items along with drug safety information, benefits, directions, and warnings. Reviews and prices from other users are available as well.  

EightySix plans to offer personalized recommendation services on pharmaceutical products and dietary supplements in the near future.

[Company Background]

EightySix is an IT company that aims to educate consumers about pharmaceutical products and dietary supplements with the app ‘Inside Your Med’ (약속; a homonym of “promise”). The app provides specific information about ingredients in a given medication, searches information based on the color, text, and shape of drugs, and recommends medication and supplements based on individuals’ conditions.

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