SOCAR to Exceed 3 Million Members for the First Time in the Industry


SOCAR(CEO: Cho JungRyul) revealed on September 7th that it passed the 3 million member mark for the first time in the Korean car sharing industry.

As of September 1st, the company surpassed a total of 3 million members. This was achieved only 5 years after the service was launched. This figure states that 1 out of every 10 drivers in Korea is a member of SOCAR.

This is significant on a  global scale as well. Car2go and Zipcar have been offering car sharing services for over 10 years and respectively has 2.7 million and 1 million members. SOCAR’s 3 million mark is exceptional considering that the company’s coverage area is limited to South Korea and have been offering the service for only 5 years.

SOCAR has continued to make various innovations and efforts to popularize car sharing services  with its industry leadership. In terms of infrastructure, the company has expanded its access to 3,200 SOCAR zones and 8,000 shared vehicles nationwide and enabled access to its vehicles within three minutes from any major Seoul area. In addition, more than 33 different types of vehicles have been offered to enable consumers to use their cars according to their varying circumstances. In order to meet the needs of customers in terms of service, the company introduced the Hub-Type One Way service and SOCAR Call service for the first time in the industry and introduced the ADAS (Intelligent Driver Assist System) vehicle that supports safe driving environment to the highest level in the industry. In cooperation with the local governments, the company participated in the Seoul, Incheon and Sejong government car sharing services, and gained a favorable response from the local residents.

As a result, the total number of cumulative bookings exceeded 10 million in July and won the first place (78%) in the O2O application – car sharing services category.

SOCAR CEO Cho JungRyul stated, “We are grateful for the support from our 3 million members. We think that it reflects the needs of consumers and is the result of continuous efforts to spread the pleasant car sharing experience and the sharing economy.” He added, “In the future, we will actively innovate to provide our users with the latest driving technologies and safety measures such as ADAS. “

On the other hand, SOCAR is promoting SO~ THANK YOU Festival until September 28th as a special event to commemorate the 3 million member mark. First, the company will provide KRW 1 million worth of credits to the 3 millionth member. SK Telecom will host a More Friends Invitation to offer discount coupons when existing SOCAR members invite their friends to join SOCAR. In addition, Samsung Life Insurance will provide a free one-year transportation accident insurance (to customers who have booked and used the vehicle. More information can be found in the SOCAR App.

Image Credit: SOCAR

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