Korean Apt Real Estate Info Service ‘Hogangnono’ attracts $2 Million


Korean apartment information service ‘Hogangnono’ (CEO: Sangmin Shim) attracted $2 Million (2.3 billion KRW) investment from CDK Startup Investment, KT Investment and IBK Capital. For this investment, the majority of existing shareholders such as Primer and KAIST Youth Foundation participated as well.

Hogangnono is a user-oriented real estate information service that can be easily used to search for complex real estate information, such as real transactions on the map.. Introduced for the first time in Korea, this system offers a differentiated service from other existing real estate information services by offering  population migration statistics, apartment supply guidance, and mortgage lending comparision consulting service. With growing number of favorable responses from users,the average growth rate of active users in the past three months is 32% on average.

Jinsu Kim, venture capital officer at KT Investment said, “Hogangnono offers a differentiated technology and user experience from other existing real estate information services. That’s why it has grown so fast without relying on any marketing strategies. Considering this growth speed, we expect Hogangnono to become the best domestic real estate information platform in Korea.”

Sangmin Shim, CEO of Hogangnono said “From now on, I plan to solve the problems of the real estate market one by one in earnest.”


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