Letterfly Achieves over 1,000% Funding from Neospring


Crowd-funding platform Neospring (CEO: Suk-Pyo Kim) revealed on September 14th that  Letterfly, the one-stop delivery service for letters and gifts, has received a record breaking  amount of funding that overachieves the initial target by 1000%. This marks the highest amount of funding ever to be received through Neospring.

“The funding campaign will continue until September 21st. We are holding a surprise event to present two movie tickets to celebrate the 1000% mark.”

Letterfly aims to convey emotions by delivering letters along with flowers and gifts.

For the upcoming Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving) season, Letterfly plans to offer a Chuseok gift set which allows its users to send a gift set with a customized letter. The gift set can be delivered to the recipient immediately after the user selects the composition according to his/her taste. Choices include mistletoe, Japanese flower cake, soap, flower tea, and gift certificates.

Letterfly CEO Park Jong-woo stated, “Neospring reward-type crowdfunding will allow our customers to express their gratitudes to those who are important in their lives but cannot spend time together during  this Chuseok season.”

On the other hand, Letterfly Chuseok Gift Set is expected to be completed before September 30th, couple days before Chuseok. Customers can participate in the Chuseok event until September 21st at a discounted price through Neo Spring Reward Funding.

Image Credit: LetterFly

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