Hundreader- A reading app useful for college students when applying for jobs


Reading app, Hundreader (developer SoftMain) has added ‘Reading Status Report’ which will allow users to download their own reading record and utilize it as a PDF document. Hundreader offers books of which famous names around the world such as, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and Zuckerberg have recommended.  It is also a reading app that allows individuals to keep track of books they have read so far.

If the user is a student who reads a lot of books, the ‘Reading Status Report’ can be used to present the reading records that the user has read so far, and therefore give a more effective resume when considering employment. For the companies, as blind recruitment has spread these days, the reading record is a useful tool in selecting appropriate candidates because it shows the candidate’s talents, values, and characteristics.

Jung-chul Seo, CEO of SoftMain, said, “If companies were to refer to the applicant’s reading report when hiring, this will naturally lead to a significant increase in reading for college students. The current education system and cramming education environment will change dramatically to emphasize creativity and autonomy.”

Meanwhile, Hundreader will be offering services for university students, starting with Seoul Cyber ​​University, in order to expand college student reading. After that, they plan on expanding the reading culture in cooperation with companies and local governments.


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