Kakao’s All-in-One Barcode Reaches 3 Million Users


‘KakaoPay Membership’ service reached 3 million users, announced  KakaoPay (CEO: Young-joon Ryu) on Sept. 12. KakaoPay Membership service is a one-barcode system that manages users’ savings and expenditures of various membership points.

Users can now choose to use or save their membership points in any of the 53,851 offline stores in South Korea. Currently affiliated with 21 companies, KakaoPay’s “all-in-one” barcode system can be easily accessed by using the smartphone barcode widget on home screen without running the app itself.

KakaoPay is affiliated with major membership-point organizations in Korea, including Happy Point, CJ ONE Point, L.POINT, Beauty Point, CU and more, that can be used in convenience stores, gas stations, bookstores and airports. Users can now manage their savings and expenditure details on KakaoTalk mobile app’s ‘KakaoPay Membership Page,’  where it provides information on latest events and various coupons for users to fully enjoy their membership benefits.



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