Imagine Future 2017: The Biggest Startup Festival


Imagine Future 2017 (IF2017 hereafter), a street festival aiming to spread the innovation culture as well as to widen the intersection between startups and the public, took place from September 16 to 17. The festival was hosted by D.CAMP, a startup ecosystem hub ran by the Banks Foundation for Young Entrepreneurs.

More than 100 startups gathered at Sinchon’s Yonsei-ro, one of Korea’s most symbolic streets of youth, making the festival as by far the biggest gathering of startups.

IF2017 consisted of five themed zones: eat, fun, learn, make up, and work. Each zone was furnished with relevant products and services. There was also a special booth for pets, indie games, and psychology consultation, which attracted more people.

The festival was a significant opportunity for participating startups in terms of public relations and marketing. External relations bear more importance for startups than other bigger-sized companies in that it is crucial to the formation of the company itself. Merely having a good product or service cannot attract enough customers. IF2017 was a milestone for startups to shine out their charms and attract customers.

Moreover, the festival set a model where the private and public sectors work together to enhance the startup ecosystem. Yonsei, Sogang, and Soongsil Universities participated as university partners, while the Seodaemun-gu Office, the Korea Creative Content Agency, and the Seoul Business Agency participated as administrative partners to IF2017. Another innovative aspect to the festival was that there was no formality or ceremony throughout the event. Instead of sticking to formality, the heads and partakers paid a visit to the site.

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