Interior Design ‘Today’s House’ Exceeds 10B KRW Turnover


Interior design info sharing platform ‘Today’s House (오늘의집)’ surpassed 10 billion KRW (8.7 million USD) in accumulated transaction amount since its launch last year, Bucketplace Co. announced on Sept. 28.

Today’s House is commerce-service store for customers to directly purchase furnitures, interior decorations or accessories. During the first six months after its inception, the accumulated transaction amount remained at 1 billion KRW and rapidly grew ever since, exceeding 10 billion KRW after a year of business.

Today’s House mobile app lets users make purchases after reviewing photos of the products and contents-related information. Customers can also see some of the different ways in which other buyers have utilized their interior design products. This unique content-based shopping experience is considered one of the important contributing factors to the successful growth of its commerce-service business, according to Bucketplace Co.

Today’s House is currently ranked number 1 in the interior design mobile app category, with more than 1.3 million accumulated downloads and over 100,000 shared photos of users’ self-created interior designs.

The app also publishes professional contents related to home furnishing, providing users with a more meaningful and practical information about interior design. For instance, Today’s House recently participated in IKEA Democratic Design Day 2017 in Sweden, and gave a sneak peek of the latest trends of interior design contents by live-streaming the event.

“Home furnishing and interior designs have become the latest trending topics as more people are showing interest in enriching their daily lifestyle,” according to Bucketplace Co. CEO Seung-jae Lee. “We will continue to work closely with professional designers and experts to provide our customers with a more high-quality, innovative interior designs.”


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