Kakao Mobility vs. SK Telecom: Traffic Apps War Before Chuseok

Kakao VS SK

With its massive investments, Kakao Mobility has launched five prominent apps that provide taxi, navigation, and other driver-related services. Likewise, SK Telecom has been a provider of personal navigation, three versions of T map, and 2 versions of taxi apps. While it is widely known that Kakao Mobility is preparing a parking service app with an integration of its distributed apps, Wise Apps has released an integrated index of Kakao Mobility and SK Telecom’s apps.

Research on the two providers have proved their services comparable. The number of unique users for Kakao Mobility’s five apps in August was 7 million, comparatively lower than SK Telecom’s 7.73 million. However, Kakao Mobility’s apps had greater usage per user, which is indicative of user loyalty. Kakao Mobility’s apps had an average monthly usage of 345 minutes and 126 uses per user compared to Sk Telecom’s app’s 250 minutes and 111 uses. There is great industry attention on how SK Telecom will respond to Kakao Mobility’s comprehensive navigation, taxi, and now parking service.


 Inspired by Platum                                                                                                                                                     Image source: platum.kr  

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