Overseas vehicle reservation system for businessmen and travelers


A smooth transportation is critical, especially when traveling abroad. It should not interfere with your work yet it should ensure safety. According to a report by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, when travelling overseas, 33.8% of the people use public transportation and 11.2% of the people use car rentals which approximately takes 3 or more days for the rental to process.

Pickup Scanner’s real-time overseas vehicle reservation service allows professional vehicle drivers to drop off customers to their destination. The O2O service also lessens the stress for businessmen and travelers.

Using the real-time overseas vehicle reservation platform, users do not have to worry about managing their transportation based on their business schedule. The service allows users to complete the whole reservation process, from searching for the desired country, city and vehicle to wrapping up payment, in 3 minutes which leads to high customer satisfaction. For even better user experience, there are no additional charges for parking fees, tolls, tips, etc., and in case of an emergency, a 24-hour Korean Customer Center is available for any unexpected situations that may occur in the local area.

Pickup Scanner have secured vehicle data by partnering with more than 200 companies in 65 countries around the world, including GroundLink, Mogio, MK Taxi, and Talli, which are companies registered overseas.Currently, it is available in 650 cities in Japan, China, USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Australia. Pickup Scanner is used by a variety of customers such as individual travelers, business, organization etc,. Since its opening in 2016, the company has provided more than 700 domestic and foreign passenger cars to overseas customers.

Pickup Scanner is also in the process of establishing partnerships with well-known travel agencies in Korea such as Hana Tour, All Tour, Interpark, Minbak Danawa, and Enex Tour My Real Trip. Moreover, they provide overseas vehicle service to big companies such as Samsung, LG, Harim, and also provide service to small businesses, the Rural Development Administration, and the Government Agency. In particular, Pickup Scanner have been selected as the Korean Naval Cruise Training vehicle provider in the upcoming second half of this year.



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