Lotte Confectionary Introduces AI-backed Pepero


Lotte Confectionary(CEO Yongsoo Kim) used AI to analyze consumer trends and introduced ‘Pepero Cacao Nibs’ and ‘Pepero Calamansi Yogurt.’

Using IBM’s AI agent Watson, Lotte Confectionary collected information from over 80,000 websites and 10 million consumer reports. The company analyzed the frequency of exposure and relevance from the collected data and extracted materials and flavors that consumers are likely to prefer.

According to the analysis, beer, cheese, and pepper were expected to be preferred by consumers for food. As for the sweets, hazelnut, strawberries, cocoa, cacao nibs, and calamansi were popular. The AI agent also stated that consumers prefer fresh taste and have deep interest in health.

Based on the AI results, Lotte introduced ‘Pepero Cacao Nibs’ and ‘Pepero Calamansi Yogurt.’ Both products reflected customer’s preference for health. Wrapper designs for these products also include a symbol that represents AI in order to convey to customers that such technology  was used to develop these products.

Cacao nibs is made by roasting fermented cacao beans. Cacao nibs has recently become popular in Korea due to the richness of polyphenol, a type of antioxidant. Kalamansi is a lime fruit mainly produced  throughout Southeast Asia. The fruit is rich in vitamin C and dietary fiber, known for its detox and weight loss capabilities. Lotte Confectionery expects these food will lead consumption trends in the market going forward.

Lotte Confectionery will complete the construction of an AI-applied consumer analysis system and showcase a variety of AI-backed products.


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