SK Telecom Releases ‘Comico Webtoon Free’


SK Telecom (CEO Jeong Ho Park) has released ‘Comico Webtoon Free‘, an add-on service to watch Webtoon data-free.

Comico is a content platform operated by NHN Entertainment, which has 25 million downloads worldwide. ‘Comico Webtoon Free’ is an additional service that provides free access to Comico Webtoon and 3GB of data at KRW 6,600 (Approximately $5.76) per month. Currently, Comico offers access for 200 works at a monthly fee of KRW 5,000 (Approximately $4.37).

Current Comico customers enjoy about an average of 1.6GB of data for 330 episodes per month, and the data usage, when converted to money, is about KRW 20,000 (Approximately $17.46). By using the Comico Webtoon Free, young Webtoon aficionados in their 10s and 20s, who are sensitive to data billing, will be able to enjoy content at a relatively low cost.

The top categories used by customers aged 19 -25 is the Webtoon and animation. Interest in Webtoon content is gradually increasing, as the interest rate is three times higher than other age groups.

Until the end of this year, customers who join the “Comico Webtoon Free” will only pay half the price of monthly fee of 3,300 won for 3 months. SK Telecom said that it will increase the number of affiliated products with various Webtoon content companies so that customers can enjoy variety of contents without any data burden.


Image source: Newswire


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