Start and End Funeral Service with a Click of a Button


O2O (Online To Offline) funeral service ‘Daejangjeong‘ has launched an app that will help people from the start until the end of the funeral process, including the cost of disclosed funeral supplies and  discounted funeral service fees with just a click of a button.

Daejangjeong is short for “Organizing-funeral-for-you” in Korean. By using the GPS system, the app will connect the user to a nearby professional funeral specialist. After consulting with the specialist, the user can get an estimate of future funeral services.

The service is available to anyone for free. After installing the app, users can use the call button to request the closest nationally qualified funeral specialist to go through the process, from beginning to end.

Myung-Kyu Lee, CEO of Korea Standards Funeral Culture Center, said: “If we connect funeral specialists and users through the Daesangjeong app, we can create jobs continuously.” Lee also added, “By connecting existing businesses and funeral related companies, the app will play an important role in fulfilling the consumer’s rights and enhancing the rights of nationally qualified funeral specialists.

In addition, Lee expects the app to go beyond its existing business platform and carry out a funeral support project for the elderly living alone, people who died alone, and people who died without any relatives by working with other funeral service companies.


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