Kakao and Samsung Electronics Join Forces to Advance Voice Recognition and Artificial Intelligence


Kakao is working with Samsung Electronics to stimulate growth in the voice recognition market and advance in AI technology. Kakao announced that its AI platform Kakao I will be integrated with Bixby, Samsung Electronic’s AI assistant.

Together, Kakao and Samsung Electronics hope to increase the competitiveness of Kakao I and Bixby and grow the AI ecosystem in South Korea.

Kakao I allows Bixby users to use voice recognition in on Kakao services such as Kakaotalk. Bixby offers various types of content and services using Kakao I technology.

Kakao and Samsung Electronics plan to release products of their collaboration later this year and expand into different markets such as Internet of Things and wearables.

“Collaboration of Bixby and Kakao I will advance the domestic AI and voice recognition market. Users will be introduced to more convenient and personalized services,” said Manager In Jong Lee from Samsung Electronics.  

Kakao CEO Ji Hoon Lim also said, “Partnership between Samsung Electronics shows the competitiveness of Kakao services as well as the great potential of Kakao I.” “Kakao’s AI technology will be shared beyond Kakao’s services. By working with different partners, Kakao I will ultimately be part of the everyday lives of South Koreans.”

Bixby is an AI assistant using deep machine learning. It was first released in May 2017 for users in Korea then entered the U.S. market in English and Korean. In last August, Bixby became available in over 200 countries.


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