Shanghai Job Ko: Job Site for Korean Students in Shanghai


‘Shanghai Job Ko’ announced the launch of its platform Shanghai Job Ko, the first job site of its own kind for Korean students in Shanghai that also offers online courses for professional and personal development.

Shanghai Job Ko was created by four Korean graduate students from Jiao Tong University and Fudan University in Shanghai. For three months, the students juggled rigorous academic responsibilities and building Shanghai Job Ko.

Through Shanghai Job Ko, the founders aim to help Korean students with both personal and professional growth. There has been a lack of resources for career opportunities and personal development for Korean students abroad not only in Shanghai but across China.

Shanghai Job Ko offers two services, connecting students with lecturer/tutors and posting job and career opportunities. Shanghai Job Ko partners with student lecturer/tutors and advertises their sessions on the platform. Sessions usually focus on a specific topic and are held offline.

As a job site, Shanghai Job Ko gathers in one place job postings that were spread across numerous online and school communities. It also filters postings by majors and geographic areas, making it more convenient for end users.

“I am confident I can scratch the itch for those with a desire to learn Chinese,” said Gyung Ji Han, Chinese Lecturer on Shanghai Job Ko. “The course breaks down the language into simple, fun terms. You should be able to pass the HSK Level 5 with the course.”

Hyung Gi Lee, one of the cofounders and Vice President of Shanghai Job Ko, is holding a course called ‘Thesis Writing Know-how for Korean Students in China” through Shanghai Job Ko. Having lived in China for over a decade, Lee graduated from Fudan University, one of the most prestigious universities in the country and is currently pursuing an MBA at his alma mater.

 “Graduation thesis is one of the biggest challenges Korean students face in Chinese universities,” said Lee. “Tips and know-hows for gathering data and writing research papers will be able to alleviate the fear for those concerned.”

In November, Shanghai Job Ko is holding two events, ‘Entrepreneur in China’ and ‘Ko-China Weekend Party’. The events aim to expose students to professional and personal development and provide networking opportunities.

“There has been a surge in the number of Korean students studying in China. Despite the increasing number, students face challenges in finding career opportunities and building relevant experience,” said CEO Hyung Seung Cho. “We decided to solve the problem ourselves instead of waiting for the environment to change on its own. We hope to see similar activities across the country.”

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