Voiceware to Supply its Speech Synthesizer ‘VoiceText’ to Hancom


On September 28th, Voiceware revealed that the company will supply its high capacity speech synthesizer VoiceText to Hancom’s AI based auto translator ‘GenieTalk offline.’

Users can simply plug in the ‘GenieTalk offline’ USB into their smartphones and enjoy the translation service even without internet service. Voiceware’s voice synthesizer VoiceText allows users to receive translations as if they were speaking in their native language.

GenieTalk offline adopted  seven languages including Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French, and German in 14 vocal tones from VoiceText . The device is expected to be useful not only for Korean users, but also for many foreigners who will visit the country during the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics.

In the recent years, Voiceware has supplied its products to many companies in the artificial intelligence field. The company’s voice synthesis technology is so flawless that users cannot tell a difference from a native speaker when using Voiceware. Voiceware is the only company in Korea to have developed its own voice synthesizer built upon local pronunciations.

Voiceware is currently available in 15 languages in 54 different vocal tones and continues to explore new languages. Voice synthesis field is only expected to grow in the advent of the fourth industrial revolution.


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