CashFi Sucessfully Attracts Domestic and Foreign Pre-Seed Investment


CashFi, a reward-based global Wi-Fi sharing platform, has attracted (an undisclosed amount of) pre-seed investment from domestic and foreign investors. Investors included Korea’s BigBang Angels and Roa Invention Lab, America’s SOSV, and Taiwan’s GMobi.

CashFi allows users to automatically connect to nearby Wi-Fi without having to go through the process of finding Wi-Fi and entering passwords.  Users can also share their Wi-Fi hotspots and gain reward points when others use them

“With this investment, we can concentrate on service enhancement and global marketing in emerging markets such as India and Southeast Asia. Through strategic partnerships with global mobile companies, we plan to keep our services free for early users and achieve successful business results in the global market,” stated representatives of CashFi.

For BigBang Angels and Roa Invention Lab, the three most important factors in investing in a start-up were the team, service, and market size. After evaluation, CashFi as a start-up with all of those elements,the investors decided to proceed with their decision. In addition, SOSV commented, “CashFi is an excellent team with experience in the Wi-Fi Business. We believe CashFi will be successful in emerging markets in the future.”


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