Data King Releases BideoMap 2.0, Big Data-based Spatial VR Service


Data King (데이터킹), known for its big data spatial service, released BideoMap 2.0 on October 1st. Proceeding the previous release in last December, this new version incorporates significant features and service improvements, the efforts being backed by Korea Investment Corporation (KIC).

BideoMap is a service that is capable of reproducing 360 ​​degree panorama image on the digital map. Anyone can easily upload and enjoy 360-degree image content on YouTube and Google Maps. In addition to uploading, users can also share content with people around the world by using Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and other social networking services.

In addition, BideoMap requires no signups, which works well with  Google Maps, which can be accessed without logging in. Users can get their location information anywhere without blind spots. Also, advertisers can leverage BideoMap as a video-commerce platform by promoting their restaurants, hotels, activities, and more.

Two largest areas of improvement in the 2.0 release include buffering speed reduction and improved user experience. Specifically, the latest version has reduced buffering speed by 50%, or 10 seconds while also expanding 360 VR video driving screen, changing web main color, etc.

Currently, Data King is adding 360 degree VR content that can be viewed by users’ clicking on museums and galleries on Google Maps. The project is run by Sookmyung Women’s University, SamYook University, National Museum of Korea, and D Museum – overall, this new VR use case will be useful for students. In general, Data King’s BideoMap 2.0 will be used in a variety of other fields, including education, movies, music videos and sports broadcasts. However, the VR function is normally operated only in the VR viewer device, and is replaced with a 3D screen for a user who does not own a viewer device.

Overall, BideoMap is garnering attention not only in Korea but also around the world. As of July 2017, there are about 12,286 global users of BideoMap, which has growing by 10% each month. The service is available and used in South Korea, Saudi Arabia, China, Russia, and the company is on the path towards rapidly expanding its product footprint to other countries.

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