Handys Wins “The Edge of 2017”

The edge

Handys“, AirBnB’s comprehensive management service, was awarded the Grand Prize at “The Edge of 2017, Demo Day” held at Jeju Center for Creative Economy & Innovation on the 22nd.

“The Edge of 2017, Demo Day” is an event where the 4th generation Jeju Center for Creative Economy & Innovation teams, who entered back in March 2017, share their achievements made during their six-month stay. Nine 4th generations teams, graduated teams from the past and venture capital officials attended this event.

The Grand Prize was awarded to Handys, a company that first started with  cleaning service, and is currently expanding into real estate management and facility management services. Handys  has also received $300K in seed funding from Spring Camp and Plan Tree Partners after establishing its base in Jeju Island.

The runner up prize went to “Island,” a branding company in Jeju through product planning and development and “Dazayo, a Jeju-based house remodeling company.

Other participants included: “Busya”,one-stop charter bus reservation service, “Nodaman”, online art curation service and storage service for art collections, “B-Route”, B2B service for travel, “Jeju Dali Fishery Corporation”, content planning startup based on haenyeos (female divers), LoF”, a local tour guide matching service for Chinese travelers, “LKInternational”, a company preparing for style curation service for Chinese travelers,and “The Eye Vision,” a company that develops smart glasses to prevent cardiovascular disease.

Jeju Center for Creative Economy & Innovation chief Jung Hwan Jung said, “There is still a lot of people who think that Jeju Island is a difficult place for start-ups to prosper; however, today, we will see companies that are growing through Jeju Creative Economy Innovation Center. I hope this platform will be give people more  courage to start a business in Jeju.”

Up until now, there have been 29 start-ups nurtured in the Jeju Center for Creative Economy & Innovation, and a total of 81 teams under supervision.



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