The Latest Version of ‘MODUSIGN’ Available


Law-tech startup Lawoafactory (CEO: Young-jun Lee) introduced the latest version of its electronic contract service ‘MODUSIGN’ with upgraded text and checkbox input tools. By setting up a specific text field, users can request the other party for its specific text input and gain approval by using the checkbox tool.

MODUSIGN provides a digital copy of the contract, self-verification system, and signature and seal service that allow the participants to electronically  sign a contract in the most convenient way. Currently in use by Kakao Corp, Korean Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO), ST Unitas and Mobidays, MODUSIGN has secured approximately 9,000 firms and organizations and 140,000 individual users.

The newly added text input tool allows users to assign text field at a specific location, so that the other party can fill in the selected text field. Users can also choose both the size and font of the text based on their preference. Similarly, the checkbox input tool lets users select checkbox field at a specific spot for the other party to enter its check mark on the selected field.

“With these newly featured tools, the contracting participants are able to request the other party to enter specific contents even when the contract form is incomplete,” Lawoafactory Development Executive Director Seung-hyun Jung said. “MODUSIGN has expanded its range of use by facilitating users to conclude contract forms and other paper works, including, but not limited to, consent forms and application forms.”

Furthermore, MODUSIGN plans to add a template tool through which individuals can conveniently save and reuse various contract forms.


Image source: MODUSIGN

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