KT, A Global 5G Leader


On October 3rd, KT (CEO Chang Gyu Hwang) was awarded as the “Best Network Operator” during the “2017 5G Asia Awards” held in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. Specifically, KT was awarded in 3 categories, including: “Outstanding Contribution to 5G R&D,” “Leadership in IoT,” and “Best Network Development.”

The 10th annual “5G Asia Awards” was organized by Informa Telecom & Media, a global research institute that specializes in information and communication technology that has more than 150 offices in 43 countries. Judging by their criteria, the research institute selected the best company that has had the most outstanding achievements and innovations in the mobile communications industry in Asia.

Previously at the “5G World Award 2017” held in London in June, KT was selected as the “Best Network Operator”. KT’s following awards show that the world officially recognized KT’s network technology such as 5G and LTE.

In particular, KT was awarded the best “Outstanding Contribution to 5G R&D” showing that its international 5G standard activities and the 5G pilot service to be exhibited in Pyeongchang 2018 were recognized.

KT is actively participating in international standardization organizations such as 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project), and NGMN (Next Generation Mobile Network) in order to develop 5G standard specification. In November 2015, KT formed the 5G standards with global manufacturers such as Samsung, Qualcomm, and the ‘5G SIG(Special Interest Group)’. By June 2016, ‘Pyeongchang 5G Standard’ was completed was announced on the official homepage of KT for 5G ecosystem and R&D activation last September.

In addition, KT announced that winning the best network operator was an acknowledgement of their hard work in their constant efforts in leading the wireless quality service and technology, completing of the first ever NB-IoT (narrowband loT) nationwide network, and using battery saving technology, C-DRX.

Pyeong Soo Park, managing director of KT Network Division, said, “KT strives to become a company that provides customer satisfaction with continuous innovation and technological development. We will continue to spearhead the 5G era in the moving forward.”


Image Source: KT


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