Hangul and Computer Adds Police-only Conservation Service to GenieTalk


Police officers are stepping in to eradicate language barriers for the upcoming PyeongChang Winter Olympics. Hangul and Computer,or HanCom (CEO Sang Cheol Kim, Won Pil Lee), announced on October 10th that it will add a police-only conversation function to ‘HanCom MalangMalang GenieTalk,’ the official automatic translation software of PyeongChang Winter Olympics.

Once police officers set up ’GenieTalk,’ they will have access to 306 most frequently used on-duty phrases in Korean, English, Chinese, and Japanese. The abovementioned phrases have been validated by experts to ensure the accuracy of the translation. Additionally, the sentences can also be edited to adjust to different situations.  

HanCom plans to educate and collect opinions from police officers to improve the efficiency and service of GenieTalk.

By supporting 130,000 police officers, who will provide the convenience and security of Korean citizens as well as foreigners, HanCom aims to eradicate language barriers for the upcoming Winter Olympics.

GenieTalk, co-developed by HamCom and ETRI, (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute), provides the world’s best Korean-based interpretation and translation service in 29 languages. As the official interpretation and translation software of the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, GenieTalk will be responsible for the translation service of the players, reporters, and VIPs.



Image source: Newswire


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