Luga Hiking App adds Recommendation Service for “Autumn Foliage and Silvergrass Hiking Trails”


Autumn and spring are the seasons where hikers visit mountains the most. Luga has begun to offer recommendation service of hiking trails for autumn foliage and silvergrass.

The recommendation service will be launching  throughout five times on the Luga app’s magazine corner. It will select and recommend the top five hiking trails to see the silvergrass and the top twenty hiking trails to see the autumn foliage. National Parks are a popular attraction for hikers to see the autumn foliage and recently, Yeongnam Alpine has attracted many hikers for its silvergrass.

Users will be  able to see a variety of information at a glance, such as maps, photos, transportation, travel time, and festivals nearby. Also, users can use the GPS navigation function to follow the recommended hiking trails and record their route. In addition to the recommended trails in the magazine, Luga guides users through popular mountain trails of 1,000 selected mountains through big data analysis.

Luga’s use of the big data analysis technology was recognized by Tech Incubator Program for Startup (TIPS) program, a development support project of the Ministry of SMEs and Startups.

Tae In Nam, CEO of Luga Outdoor, said, “There are lots of information about hiking trails to visit to see autumn foliage and silvergrass. However, in order to plan hiking trips, people need to search for maps, photos, transportation, travel time and etc.” Nam also added, “Through Luga’s contents combined with the technology of the app, we hope to mitigate such inconvenience.”

The Luga app is available for download from Google Play.





Image source: Newswire




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