Naver for Shopping, Daum for News, Google for Search

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According to the ‘2017 Internet Service Usage and Advertising Effectiveness Analysis Report’ published by DMC Media, Naver users mainly use the website for shopping and blogs, while Daum users use the website for news and e-mail, and Google users use the website to search.

Searches (55.2%) were the most frequently used service in major Internet websites. Through the search, a lot of people answered that they search for news (31.2%), knowledge (25.2%), restaurants (9.2%) and gifts (8.6%). The second frequent service was the news (50.2%), followed by email (35.4%) and shopping (27.5%). Compared to the last year’s result, search and e-mail decreased by 17.3% and 13.8%, respectively, while shopping, maps, and real estate category usage rates increased by 6.9%, 6.3% and 4.4%.

There was also a difference in the category of services preferred by gender. Male users preferred the news (60.3%), real estate (7.8%), and game (7.4%) while female users preferred email (37.3%), shopping (35.3%), online interest groups (22.9%), blogs (22.9%). In terms of age, younger people were more interested in video (19.0% in their 20s, 10.1% in their 50s), social media (19.2% in their 20s and 10.6% in their fifties) and webtoons (24.9% in their 20s and 2.6% in their fifties) while people in the higher age bracket were more interested in news, (63.7% in 50s, 35.6% in 20s) and finance (18.6% in 50s and 6.2% in 20s).

When choosing portal sites, users looked for convenience (53.2%), search accuracy (49.9%), content and service diversity (42.9%) and search speed (30.9%).

Many Daum users emphasized ease-of-use (57.6%) but actually stressed their services on the news (64.0%) and e-mail (44.0%). Google users emphasized search (63.7%) and regarded search accuracy (71.3%) and search speed (39.2%) to be important. Naver users emphasized content and service diversity (45.9%) and used various contents such as shopping (28.9%), online interest groups (21.5%), blog (21.9%) and webtoons (12.9%).


PowerPoint 프레젠테이션


PowerPoint 프레젠테이션


Taking into account the distribution of gender and age groups of Internet users nationwide (Quota Sampling), this survey was conducted online from August 9th to 22th to 1,000 Korean male and females aged between 19 to 59 years old.



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