Bike-Sharing Giant Mobike to Launch in Korea


China-based bike-sharing company Mobike will begin its “dockless” bicycle sharing service in Korea starting with Suwon, Korea.

Previously, users had to return bicycles to where they first borrowed them or to a nearby bike station. Under Mobike, however, users can leave and lock bicycles near the user’s end destination. The next user will then search for the bike with an app, locate the bike, and unlock the bike with a QR code on the spot.

First launched in April 2016, Mobike is changing the landscape of cities around the world with bike sharing solutions, including China. By the middle of 2017, global Mobike users have driven 5.6 billion kilometers, which is equivalent to a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions of 1.26 million tons or more, or not driving 350,000 vehicles in one year.

Mobike is equipped with smart locking technology that connects GPS and mobile Internet (IoT) platforms to more than 7 million bicycles. If Mobike users were to start driving in Suwon City, the cityscape operator, at the end of 2017, can use data collected through the Smart loT platform to improve bicycle traffic infrastructures and promote the use of bicycles. Suwon plans to continue its bike lane expansion and adjust related infrastructure to reduce overall automobile use.

Meanwhile, Mobike users must pay a security deposit when they first sign up for the service. The deposit is fully refundable upon withdrawal from the service and is payable only at the time of initial registration. Discounts are offered during the promotional period and afterwards, users can use the service at a rate of approximately $0.44 per 30 minutes.



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