Self-Guided Tour Startup ‘MyRealTrip’ Draws $6.2M


Self-guided tour startup ‘MyRealTrip’ (CEO: Dong-gun Lee) has attracted $6.2 million investment led by Smilegate Investment, Altos Ventures, IMM Investment, Mirae-Asset Naver Fund and IBK Capital.

After receiving funding from IMM Investment last year, MyRealTrip has raised its second round of investment, hauling in a cumulative amount of $10.9 million. Its major shareholders include Primer, BonAngels Venture Partners, and Capstone Partners, in addition to the companies listed above.

The sales of MyRealTrip has increased by more than 700% since its inception in 2012.

The company advertises more than 11,000 products – including local guides, on-site recreational activities, admission tickets, transportation passes, airtels, lodging facilities, and rental car services – available in 400 cities across 73 countries. It has so far secured more than 130,000 cumulative reviews, reaching a record high in South Korea.  

“The recent investment will allow us to continue to work on ways to maintain high-quality contents and gain a foothold in the industry as a professional self-guided travel platform,” MyRealTrip CEO Dong-gun Lee said. “By further implementing airfare services, we hope to incorporate various contents that would cater for a wide range of customers’ tastes and interests.”

General Manager of Smilegate Investment In-soo Baek, who led investment in MyRealTrip, commented: “MyRealTrip has rapidly developed into one of the leading travel startup companies in Asia. Considering the growing demand for travel services, the company surely has great potentials.”

Meanwhile, MyRealTrip reached a record high of $5.7 million in total transaction amount in September, with a monthly average of $4.4 million in the third quarter of the year.

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