Bithumb, Largest Digital Currency Exchange Releases Mobile App

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Bithumb, the no.1 digital currency exchange in trading volume, announced the launch of its mobile platform on October 18th. As the company aims to expand into the global market, Bithumb app will allow for ubiquitous and 24/7  trading of digital currencies.  

As of October 18th, Bithumb exceeded $870 million in daily trading, surpassing Japan’s bitFlyer and Hong Kong’s Bitfinex to be number one in trading volume.  

Currently, Ripple (XRP) accounts for 48.5% of the total trading volume on Bithumb, followed by Bitcoin Cash at 46.2%. Ripple and Bitcoin Cash are leaders of the market.  


The mobile app is available in English for users outside of South Korea. It also offers services from the Bithumb website such as trading, charge, and deposits with a QR code.

The app consists of a simplified, user-friendly menu. ‘Bithum Cash’ on top of the screen provides a summary of the total amount in cash, bitcoin, and ethereum, and major features such as ‘deposit/charge’ and ‘withdrawal’ at the bottom.

QR code is the newly added feature, making money transfer much easier. Additionally, the ‘address import’ feature eliminates the pain point of having to manually enter a phone number when transferring money via SMS.

Furthermore, real-time market data is located at the bottom of the screen along with the Global Navigation on the right side of the screen. The app is now available for Android and will be made available for iOS users in the near future.


With the user-friendly interface and use of QR codes, Bithumb prioritized making its virtual currency exchange platform most accessible and convenient for users. Bithumb expressed confidence and enthusiasm for the company’s abilities to boost user satisfaction further both at home and abroad by adapting to the ever-changing mobile market and user patterns.


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