Neofect Launches Rapael Comcog, Smart Cognitive Rehabilitation Solutions


Smart Rehabilitation Solution company NeoFect (네오펙트) announced on October 20th that it launched Rapael ComCog, a software program that enables stroke or dementia patients to play cognitive rehabilitation in games.

Rapael ComCog has been developed to rehabilitate patients who are suffering from stroke, dementia, traumatic brain injury, brain tumors, cerebral palsy, and other cognitive disabilities. It is an Android-based software jointly developed by doctors, therapists, and software engineers such as Professor Kim Yeon-hee, a doctor at Seoul Samsung Hospital. Patients can use the app by simply touching the app without using a keyboard or a mouse.

The product includes 10 different attention training games such as ‘Sound Search’ to respond to sounds of various animals, ‘Rabbit Search’ to spot abnormal rabbits on the screen. Also, there are games such as ‘Connecting Name’ to match a word with a corresponding image and ‘Playing the keyboard’ by listening to the piano sound and 8 other memory enhancement games, totaling 20 games. The game difficulty is divided into a maximum of 16 levels, and the difficulty level is automatically adjusted according to the average response time of the patient or the result of game training. The results of rehabilitation training can be efficiently managed by tracking objective indicators such as data and graphs.

“Through a survey of about 30 therapists, we have learned that color, size and graphic are extremely important factors when building those games,” said Ban Ho-young, a NeoFect representative. He added “We will continue to build rehabilitative content that will be entertaining for the patient and will thus enable long-term training.”

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