Next Floor Invests on Studio 4LEAF


On October 19th, Next Floor (CEO Eun Sun Hwang) announced their strategic investment on a game development company, Studio 4LEAF. (CEO Hyun Soo Kim)

Next Floor secured 60% of the total stake in Studio 4LEAF and established a closed collaboration between the two companies through game development and services.

Studio 4LEAF is made up of former Softmax (now ESA) experts in the field of games, and currently holds intellectual property (IP) rights of “The Roll of Genesis”.

“The Roll of Genesis” is scheduled for publishing service through Next Floor. Also, the operating rights of the entire game, including the official fan club, will be transferred to the Next Floor.

In 2001, “The Roll of Genesis,” serviced as an online PC game, gained great popularity from fans through the original game features by utilizing popular game contents such as the “Genesis Exhibition” and “Magna Carta”.

Meanwhile, Next Floor will conduct a focus group test (FGT) on “The Roll of Genesis” in November to check the service stability and receive user feedback on contents.




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