Rise of the Co-Shopping Space

My Shop On Shop

Store space-sharing startup, My Shop On Shop, recently raised investment (amount undisclosed) from Seoul Business Agency.

My Shop On Shop allows store owners to share space. A business owner can let someone else use their space when their shop closes, or physically share a part of their space during open hours. Since its launch in 2013, My Shop On Shop has secured over 2,000 stores and opened 130 shared store spaces.

The company is continuing to expand its service across Seoul and surrounding metropolitan areas. It is also tapping into a sharing model for food services where food products are sold at “shops in shops.” The low investment in store space-sharing will enable My Shop On Shop to play an incubator role for young entrepreneurs.

CEO Choi Dae Heon comments “We want to create a model where existing individual business owners and new entrepreneurs can coexist.”

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