Soft Bank Ventures Invests in Brave Company


Soft Bank Ventures (CEO Gyu Hak Moon) announced their investment of $2 billion in the Edutech startup company, Brave Company. (CEO Seung Yoon Yang) This investment is a follow-up investment of the first investment made in 2015.

The Brave Company serves Internet lectures targeted at adults studying for the federal employment examination, language studies, etc. The company gained popularity through its main lectures such as  “Government Employee for Everyone” or “Police for Everyone” for the federal employment examination. Cumulative sales reached $10 billion, more than double the initial investment.

Eun Woo Lee of Soft Bank Ventures said, “The Brave Company is providing a systematic operating system for small individual instructors and creating competitive online education contents to solve the problems of the current online education market centered on already well-known instructors.” Lee added, “I am looking forward to seeing Brave Company grow into a leader in the Internet lecture industry.”

Seung Yoon Yang (CEO Brave Company) said, “The education market is expanding from mainly admission and entrance exam to post-college education for adults.  It is important to respond to these changes and build differentiated competitiveness.” Yang added, “Through this investment, we will discover potential contents and focus on R&D investments to open the era of smart Internet lecture.”





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