Korea Virtual Reality Release “Kovi House” Windows Version


The professional industrial VR (Virtual Reality) development company, Korea Virtual Reality Inc. (CEO Ho Hyun Jang) announced their release of Kovi House Windows PC version on October 25th.

Launched in September as a mobile app, “Kovi House Service” is a structure in which the community app “Kovi House” and the VR interior authoring tool “Kovi Workshop” are interlocked together. It is a new interior community service that allows users to share and view their actual 3D virtual reality concepts through social networking service such as the Kovi House App, Facebook and etc.

In addition to HMD interlocking, users can decorate their own design space through various 3D VR apartment floor plans and material contents in the database. They can also receive various interior magazines.

With the Kovi House PC version service, “Kovi Workshop Windows Version,” a VR interior authoring tool, is provided free of charge and the created VR contents can be instantly shared on the “Kovi House App.”

By using the Kovi House PC version, users will be able to easily design by using a mouse and a big screen. Also, by interlocking the PC version and the mobile version, Kovi House expects to receive good feedback.

Kovi House Service also provide 1:1 online expert consultation to answer questions about construction and quote inquiry.

The PC version is available for download on the Kovi House Official Website.





Image source: Newswire


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