Republiq to Offer Free Beta VR Tour Service Until the End of the Year


Office real estate company Republiq revealed that it will offer free beta VR tour service until the end of this year.

One may realize the importance of “legwork” when looking for a new office space. It is much more helpful to take a look at the space in person rather than listen to others explaining the space. However, not everyone has enough time to visit every single available office space.

Office professional real estate company Republiq introduced a virtual tour service system to solve this problem. The solution offered by Republiq shows every detail of the office building to its prospective tenants.

The system is easy to use. Tenants can simply check their requirements such as size, location, and rent, and send itto Republiq. Republiq prepares a list of buildings that meet those requirements and send back to users. Users can take a virtual tour of buildings they like from the list.Republiq provides a VR file that contains 360 degree images for every corner of the building, and customers can browse it through a tablet PC VR at once.

The virtual tour service allows users to check the building entrance, the surrounding environment, the landscape, the atmosphere the structure, the view, the floor material and the lighting. In addition, users can even take a look at the outside of the office to check out the communal amenities and the underground parking space.  

After looking at the buildings, tenants can take a direct tour using a vehicle pick-up service provided by Republiq.

President of REPUBLIQ, the developing company of the Republiq application, Lee Jae-hee stated, “Time is gold. We don’t want our customers to waste their precious time on checking out commercial buildings. We want to make their lives easier with our virtual tour service.”

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