Fast Campus Exceeds $10 million in Annual Sales

Fast Campus

A premium adult business education company, Fast Campus (CEO Ji Woong Park, Kang Min Lee) announced to have exceeded $10 million in annual sales on their 4th anniversary.

The Fast Campus is an educational institution that offers over 200 short-term courses (Camp, Workshop, Class), three month full-time courses (School), and foreign language courses (Fast One) in seven categories: Programming, Data Science, Marketing, Business, Finance, and Creative.

By providing practical training, Fast Campus is continuously growing by exceeding $10 billion in annual sales as of September 2017 and hopes to target the $3.6 trillion adult education market. In addition, Fast Campus is planning and providing educational contents tailored to prepare for the changes in the current trend and for the need a lifelong learning.

Leading the new education market with differentiated educational contents, Fast Campus announced their vision of “Maximizing content competitiveness, strengthening B2B (Business-to-Business), and expanding into flexible business that is not trapped in education.”

In order to achieve a new vision for the future, Fast Campus has expanded their content library to more than 1,000 contents, systematized in-house training programs, secured professional manpower, diversified content formats, and strengthened B2B business. In addition, they proposed a vision not only to serve as simple academic institution, but also  as a career accelerator for students and a one-stop solution provider for companies.




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