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Music Edutech Inc. ‘Clesson’ (CEO: Hyung-soon Choi, Hyung-jun Kim) launched its lesson-matching service for college prep students, especially for those studying applied music.

Clesson is an online service that allows students to choose their own tutors from a diverse pool of professional entertainment vocal trainers, college lecturers, high-profile educators and so on. Students can make their choices after carefully reviewing and comparing different profiles of available music instructors, to find the most suitable tutors for their private music lessons.

Through its trial services, Clesson has drawn numbers of students that registered for music lessons, showing its growth potential in the industry by attracting recent investments from Korea Venture Investment Corp and The Bridge Private Investment Corp.

Furthermore, Clesson was nominated in March by Smart Venture Campus and Incubating Company, Seoul Creative Economy Innovation Center and has ever since worked to improve its service systems. With one patent registration and two patent applications, the company is currently focusing on developing strategic technologies to improve music education by cooperating with Sogang University.

“We will continue to our work to not only provide students with a higher-quality lesson-matching system but also offer music instructors better working conditions,” CEO Choi said.


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