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Vryjam Company announced on November 1st the launch of Vryjam, a GIF search engine.

Vryjam lets users search for GIF images with a keyword and share them via Facebook, Kakaotalk, Line and other social networking websites.

Vryjam Company had rolled out the beta version and improved the search engine and user experience based on user feedback, leading to a wider variety of GIFs applicable for many different situations.

It also added viral content, including reaction, emotions, K-POP, sports, fashion GIFs and more.

About 260,000 GIFs are currently available on Vryjam and the company is rapidly expanding the size of its content. Vryjam plans to make the GIFs more accessible in social media platform by leveraging its in-house API technology.

Next on Vryjam’s agenda is creating content tailored to K-pop, Korean TV shows, and other GIFs that reflect user trends, to reach an eventual goal of penetrating the global market.

Image Source: Platum

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