“MoaMoa News” Release In Google Play


An app which gathers news from various media, “MoaMoa News” was released in Google Play Store.

Users can easily see the news by dividing the main news of the press into the fields of general/economic, broadcasting/communication, IT/electronics, sports, regional/overseas, and etc. Users can also touch the heart-shaped button on the right side of the list to view articles of their favorite media companies. Furthermore, users can make their own news list by adding or deleting.

If users want to crop news, they can use the “Simple Article Crop” function. The cropped news is then captured and automatically saved in their phone gallery. ”MoaMoa News” also makes it convenient for users to share the news with friends via social networking service.

One user left a review saying, “I like how I can see news from various media in one place without switching apps.”

MoaMoa News app” is available for download from the Google Play Store and can be used to create a personalized news app.




Image source: Newswire


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