SK Telecom Release “Weekend Ting”


SK Telecom (CEO Jung Ho Park) will launch a “Weekend Ting” service that will provide 1GB more of data every Saturday and Sunday for teenage customers.

All smartphone users under the age of 18 can join “Weekend Ting”. “Weekend Ting” reflected the characteristics of teenagers who use a lot of data on weekends since they don’t have school.

Customers receive at least 8GB of data each month, and they can continue to use the speed control (up to 400kbps) environment without additional data charges even if 1GB is consumed per day on weekends. However, the benefits are not available on public holidays.

“Weekend Ting” increased the basic data delivery from 50MB to 2GB compared to the existing “Band Ting” plan. In addition, the lowest fare for the lowest rate has been lowered from $28.43 to $27.72.

Weekend Ting 3.0GB” and “Weekend Ting 5.0GB” customers do not have to worry about additional data charges on weekdays. The relief option function is applied for users to use internet, messenger, etc. in the speed control environment even after data overage. The relief option is available with a monthly service charge of $3.44.

SK Telecom’s service strategy manager, Bong Ho Lim emphasized, “The provision of weekend data will be a great benefit for young customers because they are sensitive to data usage.” Lim added, “We will do our best to provide service to our customers.”




Image source: Newswire


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