Techstars DUBAI seeks Korean Startups to Expand to UAE


In collaboration with Techstars Dubai Accelerator, Besuccess plans to support the expansion of Korean startups to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Besuccess was invited to the 2017 GITEX FUTURE STARS as an official partner. GITEX FUTURE STARS is an information telecom festival held in Dubai in October. At the event, Besuccess decided to cooperate with Techstar Dubai to assist Korean and Asian startups to expand to UAE.

In June 2017, Techstar Dubai established a partnership with a construction maintenance engineering company GINCO and launched an accelerator program in Dubai. Recently, the company has cooperated with the UAE government and supported the nation’s startup ecosystem. Techstars Dubai also has been taking a lead in technological innovations and the construction of the smart city, inviting leading companies in the transportation, construction, well-being, IoT, robotics to Dubai.

Vijay Tirathrai currently leads Techstars Dubai Accelerator. Vijay had served as the chairman of EO(Entrepreneurs’ Organization) and is a founder of a global consulting marketing firm, Fabulous Group Asia. Vijay stated, “I had been aware of the technological excellence of Korean companies. I expect to meet with Korean startups with high technologies through this program with Besuccess.”

Techstar Dubai and Besuccess will actively seek Korean and other Asian startups that wish to expand to UAE. The companies will choose 5 Korean startups with the greatest potential in the Middle East, and host investor relations activities on November 9th.

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