Chatgrid launches META, an AI-powered ‘Smart Assistant’ for business contact centers


MENLO PARK, California – November 7 , 2017 – Chatgrid, a startup that aims to transform businesses-to-customer communications, has announced the launch of the META Smart Contact Assistant, which brings chatbot innovation to traditional business contact centers where customers are reaching out over phone, email or web.

The META Smart Assistant automatically connects the right person at a business with customers through messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, LINE, and Kik, which are rapidly becoming the preferred communication channels for the majority of consumers.  META utilizes a combination of AI and machine-learning technologies to engage customers over automated messaging and then enables a business’s sales or support people to reach back to them directly over messaging, right from a business’s existing tools and CRM systems.

Chatgrid CEO Herman Yang said, “The number one frustration felt by customers is not being able to get a response from a business; our goal with META is to automatically respond to and connect customers with a business over the messaging apps that everyone uses”.  He added “With META, a business can use e-mail or Slack to provide chat support with a customer on Facebook Messenger or Slack to respond to a sales inquiry over SMS.  It’s about not losing any possible opportunities to provide responsive, exceptional customer experiences while making life easier for a business and their people.”

Chatgrid has been working with various partners across verticals like e-commerce, education, and local service providers. With the release of META, SMEs will now have access to a free-to-use version of the META platform.

About ChatGrid

ChatGrid is a provider of messaging solutions for business-to-customer communication utilizing machine learning and artificial intelligence. The company was founded in 2016 by a team of enterprise & mobile software veterans from Twitter, MobileIron, Google, and IBM – and is backed by Harrison Metal, ENIAC Ventures, and Cueball Ventures.  More information on META is available at


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