Fromko Releases “DaliDali”


In the Philippines, the online services market for young people is a major factor in global startups and is experiencing high growth every year. Especially, due to the pro-Chinese policy of the present government, the number of Chinese tourists and immigrants is rapidly increasing. Also, the demand from the population who experienced the existing O2O service is high. Manila, where diverse countries and ethnic groups are gathered, is modernizing the service market by modernizing traffic and housing and improving the Internet service network allowing the consumption level to increase due to the improvement of the income level.

There is a Korean start-up that is pioneering the Philippine market. In September last year, Fromko, which started its operations in Manila, announced their launch of O2O service application “DaliDali.”

With the launch of on-demand home cleaning service, Fromko launched “DaliDali” by adding services such as laundry delivery, massage, and errands to the middle-class and foreigners in the Philippines. For the convenience of users, the app also supports Korean, English, and Chinese.

Fromko said, “We plan to fulfill our role as a POC and serve as a service manager to create demands in the Philippines. We hope that through integrated marketing, Korean companies in the Philippines can actively develop the market.” Fromko added, “We plan to deliver multinational chatbot service and food order delivery in the first half of next year.”




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