Daou Data Holds Trial Event for Mobile App Security


Daou Data (CEO In Bok Lee) will hold a free trial event of “AppSolid,” a mobile app security solution, until December 29th. The event, which marks the signing of an exclusive distributor contract for AppSolid, will allow customers to test their app security for free.

AppSolid is a solution to detect mobile app vulnerabilities and apply binary security to mobile apps. Customers can monitor their app’s security status in real time and block attacks and threats to apps. Companies and developers running mobile apps, such as financial services, games, and e-commerce, can also check and manage the security of their mobile apps.

Customers participating in the event will be able to use AppSolid for 1 month free of charge and receive $10 gift card. If customers purchase AppSolid for Android, they can also receive free access to AppSolid for iOS.

The targeted customers are those who completed the product test after joining the AppSolid through the website.



Image source: Dauodata.co.kr


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